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MainAsset ManagementMutual fund «Halyk-Valyutnyi»

Mutual fund «Halyk-Valyutnyi»

Opportunity not only to save your funds,
but also to increase them by investing in currency fund
26 january 2023
Unit price
$ 1 017.49214
Mutual Investment Fund (Mutual Fund) - a fund that collects assets
of investors (unitholders) for joint investments.
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Advantages of “Halyk-Valyutnyi” mutual fund
Units purchase, buyback, <br>dividend payments <br>are made in USD
Units purchase, buyback,
dividend payments
are made in USD
Asset manager <br>with over 8 years of successful <br>asset management experience
Asset manager
with over 8 years of successful
asset management experience
Halyk Finance  has <br>international rating Fitch <br>(«BB+»)
Halyk Finance has
international rating Fitch
Initial minimum investment - <br>USD 5 000 <br>and above
Initial minimum investment -
USD 5 000
and above
Main features of Halyk-Valyutnyi

The shares of mutual fund Halyk-Valyutnyi is registered by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 08.12.2015. The value of units may increase or decrease. Past investment results do not determine future returns. The state does not guarantee the return on investment in investment funds.

Unit price

Инвестиционная деятельность Фонда проводится в рамках Правил, согласованных Национальным Банком Республики Казахстан 08.12.2015 г.

Настоящие Правила определяют цели, условия и порядок функционирования и прекращения существования интервального паевого инвестиционного фонда «Halyk-Валютный», Инвестиционную декларацию, а также иные условия, предусмотренные законодательством Республики Казахстан.

The benefits of collective investment

Risk reduction due to diversification

Due to the size, mutual funds can invest in dozens of instruments. This means that if one of the assets shows weak dynamics, the value of the mutual fund will change slightly. 

Professional management

Management companies have access to all sources of information. The company automatically tracks all investment risks.


Decreased expenses 

Trust management removes from the expenses list of investor - the Kazakhstan broker  service fee - one of the elements of commissions. Additionaly to that,  analytical platforms and exesting trading lines with many brokers allow Halyk Finance to achieve execution at best prices that are inaccessible to independent investors.


How it works?
Investor buys units and becomes the unitholder of the Fund
Unitholders' money is accumulated in the fund and invested in financial instruments according to the fund’s strategy
A change in the value of the fund assets affects the value of the unit, and the difference in the purchase price and sale price constitutes the investor's profit or loss.
Our team of true professionals
Roman Assilbekov, CFA
Deputy CEO
+7 727 357 31 77, ext. 3308
Zhanna Nuralina
Head of Sales Department
+ 7 (700) 331 59 17
Aliya Abdumazhitova
Head of Retail clients division
+7 (700) 331 59 19
Dinara Assambayeva
Head of Branch in Nur-Sultan
+7 7172 64 34 33, ext. 3390
Farkhad Okhonov
+7 727 331 59 55
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