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Brokerage services

Halyk Finance renders broker services to individuals and institutional investors by investing in securities market

Investing in securities allows to earn income in excess of bank deposit rates. Stocks and bonds of corporations, quasi-state companies, governments and national banks of foreign countries, funds of indices, markets, sectors or metals can be purchased on the stock market.

The income is formed as a result of the increase or decrease in the value of these securities. At the stock exchange, the investor cannot directly buy or sell securities, rather has to use services of professional securities market participants - brokers.

Sale and purchase of securities
Sale and purchase of securities on local and international markets. Halyk Finance is trading equities, bonds, notes, units and ETFs on behalf of its clients and in their interests.
Market maker
Exercising market maker functions in the securities market from the company's own account. Halyk Finance is a leading market maker on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), supporting liquidity on more than 25 instruments (stocks and bonds).
Providing information and analytical advice for investment operations. For 15 years, our company has successfully produced high-quality analytics on the economy and the corporate sector, and is one of the leading analytical sources of information on the markets of Central Asia and Russia.
Halyk TradePro

For a quick response to market changes, customers can conduct trading operations on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange and international markets - online,  by means of Halyk TradePro trading platform and confirming orders through EDS and / or SMS.

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Halyk Finance clients enjoy the following benefits:
  • Free access to Trading Platform - Halyk TradePro
  • Submission of trading orders through online trading system
  • Qualitative analytics on Kazakhstan and foreign issuers
  • A wide network of counterparties allowing trading in various international markets
  • Special conditions for professional participants of the securities market and national companies
  • Confirmation of trading orders by SMS

To become a client of our Company, please contact the manager for a detailed consultation based on your goals and needs. Due to the wide network of transfer agents of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan, it is possible to open brokerage account in Halyk Finance throughout the country.


For opening a broker account and getting access to the trading platform, please contact the Sales Department: 

+7 (700) 331 59 16, +7 (700) 331 59 17, +7 (700) 331 59 19

+7 (717) 264 34 33, вн. 3390, 3391, + 7 (707) 264 34 33

+7 707 357 31 70



Legal entities

For opening a broker account and getting access to the trading platform, please contact the Sales Department:

+7 (700) 331 59 15, +7 (700) 331 59 18

+7 (717) 264 34 33, вн. 3390, 3391, +7 (707) 264 34 33

+7 707 357 31 70


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