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Trust management

Halyk Finance is pleased to offer customized portfolio management

for institutional investors and large private investors.

Trust Management for Institutional Investors

Halyk Finance is one of the largest asset management companies in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Our advantages:

  • More than 8 years of successful asset management experience with large Kazakhstani institutional investors

  • Experienced team of portfolio managers deeply understand the regulatory investment conditions for institutional investors in Kazakhstan, actively participate in working groups to develop and improve legislation in the field of regulation of institutional investors

Trust management for large private investors

Halyk Finance provides asset management services for large private investors. We consider the situation of each client individually. When developing an investment strategy, among other things, we take into account the following factors:

  • Investment goals and target returns (ROI)
  • Risk tolerance degree
  • Investment horizon
  • Client`s investment limits (current financial condition of the investor, age, plans for the coming years, the need to maintain regular expenses, etc.)

Trust asset management includes

Identify individual investment strategy of a client taking into account his income, financial needs, risk tolerance, time horizon, taxation, internal restrictions and other factors

Determining the list of financial instruments in which investments will be made (stocks, bonds, derivatives, ETFs, etc.), as well as investment limits (geographical, per 1 issuer, industry, currency, etc.)

Development and approval of a trust management agreement and investment declaration in accordance with an individual investment strategy

Portfolio formation and its periodic update in accordance with changing market conditions and client`s priorities

Continuous monitoring of investment limits and risks

Portfolio reporting on a daily basis in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the wishes of the client

Transferring a portfolio to trust allows
concentrate customer resources on core business
concentrate customer resources on core business
reduce investment costs
reduce investment costs
reduce investment risks
reduce investment risks
rationalize the use of time and customer resources
rationalize the use of time and customer resources
increase return on investment portfolio
increase return on investment portfolio
Proven by years, approved by customers 
Our team of true professionals
Roman Assilbekov, CFA
Deputy CEO
+7 727 357 31 77, ext. 3308
Nurlan Mustafin
Deputy Head of Treasury Department
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Farkhad Okhonov
+7 727 331 59 55
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